Construction information

The site will be updated continuously as the construction progresses – last updated on 29th of May 2024. 


Langebrogade 5 dates to 1957, where it built as the administration of The Danish Sugar Factories (Danisco A/S). The building was designed by architects Hvidt & Mølgaard Nielsen.

The building has undergone several facade renovations, where new facade systems have been installed with surfaces both in painted steel plates and most recently in red bricks. Therefore, the building today appears with extra deep windows and with a building base above the ground. The main entrance appears in chrome with a floating canopy, which extends into the foyer. The stairs and terrace in front of the main entrance appear in white concrete.

The vision for the renovation is to recreate a facade design that is close to the original.

The windows are moved forward, so they do not become deep and unrecognizable in the architectural expression. The facade is changed to a light fiber concrete solution, which expresses the bright mosaic facade that the building originally had. At the same time, vertical awnings are set up to the south and west and sun screening to the east/west. Awnings were also installed on the building originally and contributed to the building’s expression and architecture.

Neighbor Considerations
We are renovating in a closely populated area and attempt to minimize the inconvenience in the planning. Therefore, crew trailers are placed towards the street, while we use the backyard for material storage. Along the way, unfortunately, we cannot avoid noise, but we will announce the most noisy periods below. The construction is expected to be completed by mid-August 2024.

Update on ongoing construction work
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