Introduction to shipping

Around 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry. Ship transport between regions is designated deep-sea shipping, which is the most effective means of transportation.

Traffic is particularly heavy on shipping routes between the large industrial regions of Asia, Europe, and USA. This part of the shipping industry is in direct competition with air transport in respect to specific high-value product groups. Air traffic therefore only accounts for a small proportion of the volumes transported.   

Short-sea shipping covers transportation within the regions and handles the redistribution of cargo shipped to regional centres by the deep-sea vessels. Short-sea often competes directly with land-based transports. Short-sea vessels are smaller than deep-sea vessels.

vessel types at danish ship finance

The loan portfolio at Danish Ship Finance covers a large variety of ship types. Therefore, our customers are exposed to both national, regional, and international events. We monitor and assess the risks and anticipated earnings for each of the vessel segments to which Danish Ship Finance is exposed.

As each vessel type and vessel segment involves a unique structure in terms of market participants, key drivers, and technical terminology, we extensively source our information from external suppliers specialised in specific areas of the shipping industry.